People would rather shave their heads than talk to customer service because it is so terrible.

Every day, you pick up the phone innumerable times. But what must happen for you to pick up the phone and dial customer service? It turns out a lot.

To find out what people would rather do instead of speaking to customer service on the phone, Twilio asked OnePoll to conduct an survey of 2,000 Americans (Opens in a new window) . It was discovered that respondents preferred to spend a night in jail (22%), complete their taxes (30%), visit the dentist (28%), the DMV (25%), shave their heads (24%), and even go to the dentist.

Despite the fact that humans have evolved to detest phone calls, there is more at play here. 62% of poll participants said they have canceled a service or ended their association with a company as a result of poor customer care. On average, they reported spending over an hour on hold, and even then, the problem was only remedied 46% of the time.

The extra aggravating experiences of missing contract cancellation deadlines (46%), missing the window for product returns (44%), and losing on an item or service (41%) were reported by those who gave up trying to phone customer care.


According to survey respondents, these experiences could be improved if customers could address their problems without speaking to a live person on the phone (52%) and if they had several ways to get in touch with customer service (51%).

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