Over the holidays, Nest Doorbell will receive these ringtones. Oktoberfest begins on September 5th.

Even if your property is an apartment, Google’s Nest Doorbell is a good choice for adding a camera and smart notifications throughout your home. Google has now announced the seasonal Nest Doorbell ringtone schedule for this year’s holidays.

Google’s Nest Doorbell will have three unique holiday ringtones for Fall 2022, one of which has never been used before.

Owners of Nest Doorbells will be able to set an Oktoberfest theme as their ringtone beginning of September 5 to commemorate the yearly celebration. The duration of that ringtone’s availability, from September 17 to October 5, roughly corresponds to the actual Oktoberfest 2022 dates in Munich.

Google’s audio designer Benjamin Decker described how the Oktoberfest ringtone was created in a post on The Keyword, stating:

I listened to various traditional polka songs and evaluated the musical compositions and styles. Then, on the piano, I created a straightforward, original melody, complete with distinct bass and harmony lines (all at a somewhat slow tempo). I used audio production software to substitute digital samples of a classic German accordion for each piano track, and I sped up the tempo to make it suitable for doorbell use.

Halloween ringtones will follow on October 1 and continue through November 1st. These ringtones from the previous year included a creepy raven, a ghostly boo, a howling werewolf, a cackling witch, and more.

Following that, a unique ringtone for the Diwali holiday will be added by the Nest Doorbell. This year, Diwali falls on October 24, therefore that ringtone will play from October 7 through October 28 at the same time as Halloween.

For other holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s, and others, Google also customarily publishes brand-new ringtones. This year, the business also created brand-new ringtones for holidays like the Fourth of July and the Lunar New Year.

As soon as these holiday ringtones are made available to Nest Doorbell owners, we’ll update this site. Below are instructions on how to change ringtones.

Only the new Nest Doorbell with a built-in battery can use these new ringtones; the older wired Nest Hello is not compatible with them (now called the Nest Doorbell).

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