Over 3 million downloads of recently discovered Android malware

A recent report from Bleeping Computer claims that a recently found Android malware was downloaded over 3 million times. It has been used in several apps with a combined download count of over 3 million.

A RECENTLY FOUND ANDROID MALWARE MANAGED TO GET MORE THAN 3 MILLION DOWNLOADS. Autolycos is the name of the malware that Evinas security researcher Maxine Ingrao found. As of the time this article was written, it was found in two of the eight applications that were spotted.

The two surviving applications are KellyTech’s Funny Camera, which has received over 500,000 downloads, and rxcheldiolola’s Razer Keyboard and Theme, which has received over 50,000 downloads.

Advertisement The Google Play Store no longer has the remaining six applications. However, you ought to take them out if you still have them installed. A list of such is provided below.

Video Editor Vlog Star (com.vlog.star.video.editor) 1,000,000 downloads Ingenious 3D Launcher (app.launcher.creative3d) 1,000,000 downloads Amazing camera (com.wowbeauty.camera) Downloads of 100,000 Emoji Gif Keyboard (com.gif.emoji.keyboard) Downloads of 100,000 1.0.0 of Freeglow Camera (com.glow.camera.open) 5-thousand downloads 1,000 downloads of Coco Camera v1.1 (com.toomore.cool.camera). GOOGLE TOOK SIX MONTHS TO REMOVE SIX OUT OF THE EIGHT APPS. Having said that, Ingrao learned of this in June 2021. When he first presented his findings to Google, the company waited a while to respond. According to Bleeping Computer, it took the corporation six months to delete the six aforementioned programs.

Because of Google, the researchers held off on sharing the material for a very long period. If Google had responded quicker and taken down the offending apps, it would have happened sooner.

Advertisement What precisely is Autolycos, then? It is malware that operates covertly and commits sinister deeds. Instead of utilizing Webview, it can run URLs on a different browser and include the results in an HTTP request.

It does this in an effort to avoid being seen by users, and in many situations, it asks for SMS authorization while installing the software. It is able to access your SMS text messages in this way.

Even worse, these apps received a lot of advertising. Ingrao discovered 74 Facebook advertising ads for just the Razer Keyboard and Theme.

Advertisement While those with less downloads did not, a large number of those apps had negative reviews on the Play Store. So, that was not exactly a warning either, as it appears that they had a lot of fake reviews.


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