OnePlus appears to be planning to enter the foldable market while Oppo prepares new products.

Although the market for foldables is still in its infancy, Samsung is demonstrating that there are consumers for it. It appears more certain than ever that OnePlus will enter the foldable market shortly, especially as Oppo prepares two new smartphones.

With the Oppo Find N, a little foldable that captured our hearts in the style of the Galaxy Fold, Oppo made a splash in the foldable market last year. This device clearly demonstrated how increased competition may do wonders for advancing foldables. However, the Oppo Find N is only offered in China, and it appears that no plans exist to make it available to users worldwide.

However, it was revealed last week that Oppo is developing the Find N Flip and Find N Fold, two new foldable smartphones. The names of the two gadgets unironically rhyme with those of Samsung’s iconic foldables, and we already know that they use the same processor.

Will this be seen outside of China, though?

OnePlus foldables are highly rumored to be coming out this year, and it would be all but certain that one would be released for regions like North America. It appears that at least Oppo phones will be available in Europe.

OnePlus and Oppo product officer Pete Lau tweeted and Max Jambor claims said over the weekend that both Oppo and OnePlus are working on new foldables, one of which will be a clamshell like the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the other will be similar to the current Oppo Find N. Jambor had previously stated that OnePlus would use the form factor starting in 2023.

OnePlus has a history of being slow to accept new form factors; in the past, it has even claimed that foldables are not ready. However, things have undoubtedly started to shift under Oppos’ leadership, for better or worse.

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