One of the few Google Stadia exclusive games, Outcasters, is now available to all players for free.

Only a few timed exclusives that never appeared on other platforms have been available on Google Stadia. Outcasters, a Google Stadia exclusive game, is now open to all players for free.

As a joint project between Splash Damage and the since-closed Stadia Games and Entertainment, Outcasters made its appearance in late 2020.

Player vs player top-down shooter game featuring the unusual gameplay feature of curving shots after they were fired. It resulted in an entertaining and, as we put it at the time, addictive title.

In summarizing his experience with the game, our Kyle Bradshaw said:

After spending approximately two hours playing Outcasters, all I want to do now is play some more. Outcasters is undoubtedly my favorite Stadia-exclusive game and is far, much more enjoyable than I had anticipated. One of the special features of Stadia and cloud gaming is the rapid gameplay cycle, which also makes it an excellent option for playing while on the road.

Outcasters cost $19.99 at the time and was only temporarily offered on Stadia Pro.

Outcasters is free to play for everyone on Google Stadia at this point, with or without Stadia Pro. The statement was made in Google’s most recent community blog post , where the company also mentioned that gamers without any kind of Stadia account can also access a free trial of the game.

Changing Outcasters to a free-to-play model, according to Splash Damage, is a “love letter” to the community because the game has been put on hold while the studio works on other endeavors.

This is our love letter to the Stadia community and the Outcasters. It has been so much fun to play with and converse with all of you. We sincerely appreciate you participating in our livestreams, giving us your artwork and Outcaster creations, and playing our game.

We at Splash Damage wanted to make sure that Outcasters is playable by everyone in our community while we turn our attention to new endeavors. We can’t wait to show you more about the intriguing undisclosed projects we’re currently working on.

While Outcasters had some devoted players, it was a game that struggled to grow in Stadia’s player base and hasn’t undergone any significant changes in a while. Finding full 4v4 matches without any bots was difficult in our own gaming experience, especially after the game’s initial few weeks of release.

I’m hoping that Outcasters will have a chance to continue after being free-to-play. Currently, it doesn’t appear like there are any plans to bring the game to other platforms.

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