One free Titan Security Key is available to Google One 2TB users. Here’s how you make amends.

A free Titan Security Key that enables two-factor authentication, also known as 2-Step Verification, for your online accounts is the newest Google One benefit.

You must be paying for an active 2 TB plan (or higher plan) between April 18 and October 18, 2022, in order to qualify. Only Google One plan managers are qualified, and pricing costs $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month. According to the corporation, this current promotion is exclusively accessible in the US.

Both the USB-A and USB-C models are available for purchase through the Google Store, and both feature NFC, which is helpful for iPhone users. Orders can be conducted through the Google Store. When this newest $35 USB-C model was first released, there were only a few of them available. It has an oblong shape and an integrated keychain loop. The body has an indication light and a button to confirm sign-in attempts. As already discussed:

The secure element chip in these 2FA devices has firmware that was developed by Google to check the integrity of the keys. But every piece of hardware is built on pre-existing ideas from outside sources. As an illustration, this new design is simply the FeiTian ePass K40 with the aforementioned custom firmware installed.

The older also by FeiTian USB-A model from 2018 costs $30 and is available through the Google Store. Google cautions that there is a limited supply that “is” offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to get your Google One Titan Security Key for free

Go to the Google One website or mobile apps. Scroll down until you see the Featured benefit card on Android and iOS. Visit the Benefits tab

on the web.

You will be directed to the Google Store

by clicking Claim now.

Google One free Titan Key

Place the USB-A/NFC or USB-C/NFC Security Key model in your shopping cart.

At checkout, the redemption code will be instantly applied, and Google will pay for Saver delivery. You must provide your email address and password as normal when using physical security keys. After that, you plug the Titan Key into the device you’re using to sign in (or tap it to the back of a phone) to verify your identity. It is possible to access many internet accounts with the same key.

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