On Windows, you can now choose Google Chrome as your default browser without even visiting the settings

Windows 11 notoriously made changing your default browser a laborious process, but it has since been much easier. With just one click, Google Chrome can now replace your current default Windows browser.

Recapitulating the current situation, Windows 11 first made its debut with a new way to set a default browser. Microsoft changed it so that users had to explicitly select their default browser for almost everything, including each type of file that a browser opens, as opposed to selecting a default for all browser-related tasks. It was obvious that the goal was to keep consumers using Microsoft Edge, the operating system’s default web browser, as much as possible.

Microsoft reverted back to Windows 10’s approach of changing your browser in response to criticism by simply allowing users to do so from the Settings menu.

Current operating system workflows in both versions are along the lines of Settings andgt; Apps andgt; Default Apps, followed, depending on the version you’re using, by either choosing the browser and setting it as the default or finding the option to set your default browser.

The default browser on Windows may now be changed using Google Chrome without ever leaving the browser.

The most recent release of Google Chrome for Windows now includes functionality for instantly switching your default browser with a single click, which was first noticed in the Chromium Gerrit a few weeks ago. On Twitter , Leopeva64 noted the modification. It appears that this functionality is only available in the pop-up banner and not Chrome’s Default Browser setting in the Settings menu because we were unable to reproduce the same behavior on our end.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that this is now only available in Chrome Dev and calls for version 106.0.5231.2. Version 104.0.5112.81 of Google Chrome is the most recent stable version. But if everything goes according to plan, everyone should get access to this capability in a few of weeks.

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