On desktop, Google Search is testing a revamp that moves images, videos, and other content to the left.

A new makeover for Google Search has been seen in testing, moving alternative search engines like Google Images to the left.

These days, there are additional search options available while using Google Search on a desktop. Depending on what you looked for, you may see different possibilities. For example, a search for restaurants may recommend moving to Google Maps, while a Chromebook search would suggest Google Shopping.

Google Search has undergone a recent update that has only been seen on one of our devices in Incognito mode. The new design shifts those alternative search options from a row at the top to a column on the left. The most noticeable modification is that options like Google Images and Google News become much more apparent, taking up a lot more screen space and employing a larger font.

Depending on your search results, four extra options are automatically displayed in the column. There is a More button underneath these that provides access to the remaining four search alternatives.

New vs. Old The amount of search results and the time it takes to find them were formerly provided beneath the page header. Alongside the Tools button, which has not changed with new makeover, these now show above the line. The results counter is now animated out of view when the Tools button is pressed, revealing the standard options such limiting how old results can be.

In order to make up for the left-hand column of options, this experimental redesign of Google Search relocates your search results closer to the center of the page. To ensure that search results align with the placement of text in the search bar, there is padding on the left in the current design. The search bar has also been shifted to the right in the updated design so that it still aligns with the results.

Google has played with with the left-hand side of the search results page before. Knowledge Graph section headers were placed in a column on the left in a design that was first introduced in 2020 and developed last year, however this design was later abandoned.

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