On Android, the redesigned Google Play Store logo is now visible {U}

When Play Movies and TV, Music, and Newsstand were still thriving, Google last updated the Play icon in 2016. The Google Play Store is receiving a new logo after more than six years.

Update 7/27: With Google Play version 31.6.13-21, the new logo is beginning to show up on Android devices. It’s a fairly simple replacement with only minor proportional and triangle size changes. There is also a brand-new status bar symbol with bold lines in outline form.

Although it hasn’t yet been released publicly, the update has already been seen on one of our devices. sideload it here can also be done manually.

Update 7/26: The new logo is now visible on both the play.google.com and the developer site following yesterday’s official 10th anniversary announcement. It aims to more accurately convey Google’s magic and harmonize with the branding of many of our useful products, including Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, and others.

Red (#EA4335), yellow (#FBBC04), blue (#4285F4), and green (#34A853)
Naturally, the majority of users will run across it whenever the Android app is updated and the homescreen icon is modified.

Update 7/16: The US Patent and Trademark Office has provided more evidence that Google Play will soon sport a new logo. Although it’s still a little fuzzy, the new colors and more rounded triangle are visible in much greater quality. According to the company’s official description:

The mark consists of a triangle with rounded sides that is divided into four colored pieces, with the colors blue on the left, green up top, yellow down below, and red on the right.

Google Play new logo

Original 7/6: The icon had more shadows before to the 2016 update, which also put everything in triangles.

Although the new Google Play logo is still a triangle, the sides are noticeably more rounded than they are in the previous version. The four colors currently being used, however, are more closely matched with the four Google colors, which is the obvious trend and directive of recent updates. Nevertheless, we can’t help but notice how subdued and black the emblem is in contrast to other first-party services.

While the internal division has been changed to make the components more evenly sized, blue and green are unquestionably less bright. Currently, the blue triangle is larger than the other three parts.

Google Play new logo
Google Play new logo

Currently versus soon

Currently, there is only a low-resolution version of this icon available. When you complete a Play Store purchase, such adding credit to your account, it appears as the merchant icon in both GPay and Google Pay soon Wallet. It’s not immediately clear when it was updated.

It’s not available either in the recently updated play.google.com or the Play Store app. It would have been best to reveal it then.

It’s unclear at this time when Google will unveil the updated Play Store logo. The Movies and TV tab was recently removed from Google Play, and it makes sense that Play Books will soon leave so that the Play Store can concentrate solely on Android apps. Given the significant push toward Android gaming on Windows, the future of the Play in Play Games is, however, a little more certain. The specialized Android app’s future, though, is not as certain.

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