On Android tablets, the YouTube Music Album View receives a UI update.

Google updated the user interface for YouTube Music playlists on Android tablets earlier this month; shortly after, the update was extended to Android phones. The album view is now beginning to display the new design language as of this week.

On Android tablets, the album art for YouTube Music is now displayed in the center of the screen. It now stands out against a hazy background and is larger than before. The title appears below the album art in bolder lettering, while the artist’s name, the type of media (album), and the year of release are displayed above it. The recently revised row of control buttons is placed below the album description. Five buttons—download, add to playlist, play, share, and more—are included in the row (three-dot menu).

The controls are followed by a list of tracks. The controls window for the music that is presently playing is located at the bottom of the screen, just above the navigation bar, but there are no noticeable modifications to this list.

Advertisement The album view is split into two columns when the screen orientation is changed to landscape. The right column has the track listing, and the left column contains all additional information, including the album’s title. 9to5 When you scroll down, you will see an FAB (floating action button) for shuffling in the bottom-right corner, according to Google, who introduced this redesign to Android tablets first.

The most recent UI update for the YouTube Music album view is reportedly just now being visible to some users. Albums that you’ve uploaded or that have been imported are not subject to the new design language. It can take a few days before an Android rollout is more widely available. When the YouTube Music app for iPad will get this redesign is unknown.

A component of Google’s renewed interest in tablets is this YouTube music redesign. Google has long been less interested in and committed to Android tablets than it has been to Android phones. However, the business unveiled a push to enhance the user experience on big-screen devices at Google I/O 2022 last month. The creator of Android has vowed to upgrade more than 20 of its first-party apps as part of this with UI optimization that takes advantage of the additional screen area.

Advertisement Recently, the promised UI makeover has been implemented in a number of apps, including Google Lens, Clock, and YouTube Music. But there are still a lot more. When the business makes the update available for other apps, we’ll let you know.

YouTube Music Android tablets album UI old
YouTube Music Android tablets album UI new


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