On Android, Google Maps now includes a nearby traffic widget.

Google revealed last month that it would soon roll out a Maps homescreen widget for local traffic. Through a server-side upgrade, the aforementioned widget is currently being made widely available to users ( via ). Over the coming days, everyone ought to receive it.

The widget displays the status of the traffic on the main roads nearby, as Google had previously hinted. Your location is indicated by a blue dot in the center, and the traffic is shown by green, orange, and red lines, just like in the main app. You can zoom out one level from the default view with the FAB (floating action button) in the bottom right corner. By pressing the same button again, you can zoom in to the standard view. On the other corner is the Google logo.

With this widget, you can always get a quick look of the traffic in your area on your phone’s home screen. You will be able to see at a glance the potential level of local traffic if you are about to leave home, work, school, or any other location, according to Google’s announcement of the widget last month. The Maps app need not be launched. But because it’s always on, you have to constantly provide access to your location. The widget’s tap opens the main app right away.

Advertisement The new Google Maps widget may be shrunk from taking up the full homescreen to just 32 pixels. Regardless of the theme settings for the app itself, it uses the dark or light theme that is configured for your device as a whole. The FAB, on the other hand, works with Google’s Material You Dynamic Color theming and dynamically changes to match your wallpaper’s color scheme.

NOW RELEASING IS THE NEW GOOGLE MAPS NEARBY TRAFFIC WIDGET Google provides a variety of first-party app and service homescreen widgets for Android. Widgets are available for numerous programs, including Maps, Gmail, Chrome, Calendar, Drive, Weather, Google Translate, to-do list, Photos, and Search. Some applications, like Maps, which already includes one to quickly discover nearby destinations, support numerous widgets. The most recent addition, according to Google, brings the total number of official widgets for Android to 35.

As previously mentioned, a server-side update is being used to roll out the new Google Maps Nearby Traffic widget. Within a few days, if you haven’t already, you ought to have it. Try adding a new Maps widget to your homescreen to see whether it’s there. Although you shouldn’t need to update Maps in order for the widget to appear, it’s still a good idea to always have the most recent version loaded. To download Google Maps’ most recent update from the Play Store, click the icon below.



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