Observe Material You and Android UIs were “more physically” perceived {Video}

A video montage of animated experiments inspired by #MaterialDesign, specifically Material You, was released today by Google Design.

Its climax of artwork produced by someform Studio that Google Design commissioned and has been sharing over the course of August is under two minutes long. Zelig Sound is in charge of creating the soundtrack for the animated piece.

Over the course of this video reel, we see recurring Material You motifs replicated as 3D objects. This features the Themed icons, a calendar card, pill-shaped switches, Google Keeps’ Clover-shaped Quick Capture widget, and the Analog Scallop Clock.

The YouTube Musics Turntable widget changes into media controls for different screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets, after 42 seconds. That’s from the first Material You reel at I/O 2021, if that sounds familiar. The same treatment is given to the calculator program, which is also present alongside a music player and what is obviously Google Calendar. This scene resembles window resizing and app adaptations in some way, possibly on Android tablets.

A Pixel 6 next to anything that bounces when you accidently tap it, like the clock on the lockscreen, is another lovely finishing touch. There’s also a chair-related reference to Roboto Flex.

Although not very suggestive of any potential future directions, this development reel is nonetheless entertaining. shared 4 Material You:

Motivated by AA15 produced by AA16 Built for AA17 created with shared 8 and shared 9

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