Nvidia confirms that the GPUs’ “LHR” mining limiter has been removed.

Because it is no longer applicable, Nvidia’s software restriction that prohibited Ethereum mining on graphics cards older than the RTX 3000 is no longer in effect.

A representative from Nvidia confirmed on Friday that the company has removed the “Lite Hash Rate” constraint after users noticed that it was absent from the most recent Windows and Linux driver updates.

Without going into any detail, the Nvidia official told PCMag, “We don’t believe it’s required in the current context.”

The Lite Hash Rate restriction was first implemented by the firm in February 2021, when the RTX 3000 series was still in short supply as a result of escalating demand from buyers, scalpers, and cryptocurrency miners. In an effort to stop cryptocurrency miners from using all the available supply, Nvidia chose to reduce the Ethereum mining capacity over the majority of recently introduced RTX 3000 GPUs by a factor of two.

The market as a whole has evolved since then. Since Ethereum phased out mining in September, GPU-based mining has become unprofitable at this time. Many miners have sold their graphics cards as a result of this. Additionally, Nvidia is dealing with an oversupply issue with the RTX 3000 series as a result of improving supplies and declining consumer demand.


Therefore, it would be useless to limit Ethereum mining in the current climate. In addition to all of this, the mining community developed a number of workarounds for the Lite Hash Rate limiting in the months following the implementation of the restriction. One miner even informed PCMag Lite in January that the Hash Rate limitation was no longer useful. That’s because despite the restriction, miners may still make money with an RTX 3000 GPU.

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