Numerous Galaxy A Series phones now have access to the July update.

A few more Samsung cellphones are receiving the July 2022 Android security patch. The most recent security update has been downloaded by the Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, and Galaxy A52s 5G over the past few days. Only a few markets are currently included in the rollout. But it won’t be long before mid-rangers everywhere get the July SMR (Security Maintenance Release).

The July update for the Galaxy A33 5G is currently only available in Asia. The rollout has already reached certain units in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and a few other nearby nations ( via ). The phone’s updated firmware is version A336EDXU2AVG2. Along with this month’s security fixes, Samsung’s official changelog includes stability enhancements. Since the Galaxy A33 5G is still relatively new to the market, the manufacturer may be implementing some software improvements to ensure more dependable performance.

The Galaxy A52’s July SMR is also starting to be released in certain Asian nations, including India and Russia. The phone’s upgraded firmware is version A525FXXU4BVG1. This update includes several unspecific stability enhancements as well.

Advertisement Meanwhile, the most recent security patch for the Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A52s 5G is now available in Europe. With firmware versions A526BXXU1CVG2 and A528BXXS1CVG2, respectively, Samsung’s two 2021 premium mid-range 5G devices are taking up the new SMR. The latter only has the most recent getting vulnerability updates, whereas the former has gaining further improvements.

There are solutions for more than 60 vulnerabilities in this month’s SMR. The bulk of these problems had an impact on Samsung’s devices, and several of them jeopardized the Knox security system. The Korean company claimed that the security holes might allow attackers to get through a device’s defenses. Twenty or so Android OS bugs, including three serious vulnerabilities, were also fixed by the July SMR.

MORE GALAXY SMARTPHONES ARE CONNECTED TO THE JULY SECURITY UPDATE Early this month, Samsung began updating their devices with the July SMR. Most of the qualifying flagship models have already received the latest security update that has been seeded. The company is swiftly updating its entry-level and mid-range smartphones with the most recent vulnerability fixes as those upgrades spread to other markets around the world.

Advertisement In the upcoming weeks, the Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, and Galaxy A52s 5G should all receive the July SMR worldwide. When the OTA (over the air) package for your device becomes available, you’ll receive a notification. From the Settings app, you may manually check for updates as well.


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