Notifications on the Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4: How to get to them even faster

While surprisingly easy to use, the Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4 are not exactly the pinnacle of one-handed smartphones. Both feature large screens, which require some caution when attempting to pull the Galaxy Fold or Flip’s notification shade down. This manual will walk you through a feature that enables you to pull down those notifications using a simple approach.

The in question feature is an intriguing one. The Galaxy Fold and Flip let you swipe the fingerprint sensor to access your alerts rather than touching the screen and swiping down from the top. By doing this, the shade will descend as usual, making use of the device slightly simpler in specific situations. Each Galaxy Fold and Flip device has this capability.

Here’s how to make it active:

Swipe down from the home screen on your Fold or Flip and tap the settings cog to access the settings menu. Look under Advanced features. Tap gestures and movements. Tap Finger Sensor Gestures to find them. Set the notification panel to open.

Galaxy Fold Flip notifications
Galaxy Fold Flip notifications

Swipe your thumb down on the fingerprint sensor while holding the Flip or Fold to try it out. You should see the notification shade pull down on your Galaxy Flip or Fold as long as the phone is unlocked.

When utilizing the Flip or, if you dare, the Fold one-handed, this feature is helpful. Although highly helpful, it might not be suitable for everyone.
The finger sensor gesture’s drawbacks The most straightforward example of this feature’s advantages is one-handed use. However, continuing this gesture has a minor drawback.

Normally, you might notice that the notification shade on your Galaxy Fold or Flips appears seemingly at random. This isn’t always the case; instead, using the device and rubbing up against the sensor will cause your alerts to be sent. Really, any kind of touch to the sensor might cause it to activate.

As has been our experience, this causes a great deal of unintentional use. However, if you use a case with your Fold or Flip, it’s likely that you don’t frequently bump into the sensor.

This feature is disabled by default for a reason; while it may be a useful shortcut for some, others could find it to be more problematic than anything else. Try it out and see if it makes using your phone a little simpler for you. In either case, you have to acknowledge that the trick is a cute little one.

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