Nothing Ear (1)’s “Stick” appears to have a new, small casing.

While Carl Peis’ comeback to smartphones is the focus right now, it appears that Nothing may have another product on the way. The Nothing Ear (1) earbuds have been seen in a revamped form with a new Stick cover.

At this point, truly wireless earbuds are a commodity, but occasionally a new model sticks out. For the Nothing Ear (1) , a general feeling of quality and polish, topped off with a fair price, propelled things into the public eye.

Although the Ear (1) has been out for about a year, it appears like a simple update rather than a complete sequel is in the works.

The Nothing Ear (1) Stick appears to be a new casing for the same earbuds. With just two minor design changes, the earphones, as discovered by @stufflistings on Twitter , are almost identical to the brand’s current earbuds.

The underside of the stem now has two dots, and Ear (1) Stick has taken the place of the Nothing Ear (1) branding.

Additionally, it appears as though these might not have silicone tips, but it’s difficult to tell if that’s the case. That would be a noticeable change even if it were just a deceptive viewpoint.

If true, it would imply a lower price point, akin to Apple’s policy of charging less for the standard AirPods than for the AirPods Pro, which feature silicone ear tips and active noise cancellation.

But the casing design is the most significant alteration we can definitely notice here. Instead of having a square-shaped transparent case, this one has a considerably slimmer, rectangular form. A benefit of the longer, thinner case is that it seems to fit more easily in a pocket.

Although the release date of the Nothing Phone (1) on July 12 appears like it would be a suitable moment, it is unclear when Nothing plans to formally debut this product.

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