Nomad introduces a 65W dual-port USB-C GaN charger with a footprint similar to an AirPods case.

The Nomad dual-port 65W AC Adapter is the company’s most potent GaN charger to date. With a super-compact footprint the size of an AirPods Pro charging case, this charger can charge a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Google Pixel 6, and Chromebook simultaneously. Learn more, including practical information, by reading on.

GaN technology enabled the Nomad 65W AC Adapter to be released today. The announcement follows our discovery of an Apple support document describing the company’s own 35W USB-C dual-port charger . However, Nomads’ decision to use 65W for their little charger is far more practical than Apple’s dual-port 35W charger, which the company may or may not release.

The Nomads 65W AC Adapter has a simple gray and black design and foldable prongs to maximize storage space.

When charging a single device, each port provides the entire 65W output; when charging two devices, the top port provides 45W and the bottom port provides 20W.

I’ve been testing this charger, and I’m delighted with how little and well made it is. Having a charger from a respected business that is this small and has two ports is incredibly convenient.

The 65W AC Adapter has a footprint similar to the AirPods Pro case, as seen above (although it is thicker). Here is a comparison of its size to Apple’s single-port 67W power adapter.

65W AC Adapter comparison

The 65W AC Adapter is not only a great charger for Apple users with a MacBook, iPhone/iPad, etc., but it is also useful for two other USB-C devices.

If you wish to condense your charging needs while traveling with a Pixel and a Chromebook, the new Nomad charger from the Google ecosystem can power the Pixel 6 series at its maximum 23W rates. The charger can also provide 20W for a second device and the full 45W speeds for the Galaxy S22 series.

The 65W AC Adapter costs $69.95 when purchased directly from Nomad ( available and shipping now ). The 20W and 30W chargers , which are considerably smaller than Apple’s equivalent bricks, are more possibilities in the Nomad GaN lineup.

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