Nitro Basic, multiplayer features, and support for third-party apps are now available on Discord.

Discord app integrations have gained some traction in recent years. With a consolidated App Directory, the business is now taking the next step to capitalize on that expansion. From there, administrators can view the full library of apps and add the appropriate one to their server. Until now, administrators had to rely on searching the internet or going to websites to get apps, which was a pain. Now that’s changed. Only validated apps will be listed in Discord’s App Directory in order to maintain user security and satisfaction. Additionally, the App Directory listing will contain a “Add to Server” button to quickly integrate them.

Discord developers will have the ability to add tags to their individual apps, making them searchable across several categories based on user queries. Developers may now charge for premium features in their individual apps thanks to Discord, which has begun testing App Subscriptions. The application is currently a closed trial, with only a select group of developers having access to it. Nevertheless, Discord is now accepting more developer subscription program applications.


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