Nintendo claims that lower Q1 FY2023 Switch sales were due to a chip shortage.

According to Nintendo, the chip shortfall caused Switch sales during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023 to be less than anticipated. In order to complete manufacture of the Switch as planned, the business has struggled to obtain crucial parts, such as chips. Due to this, the business produced fewer Switch units than anticipated, which caused a decline in hardware sales as a whole.

Nintendo Switch sales have decreased from 4.45 million devices at this time last year to 3.43 million units, according to the company’s latest earnings . a reduction of 22.9%. In addition, Nintendo claims that sales of the Switch during the first quarter of the previous fiscal year were boosted by games from other software developers. supporting the increased hardware purchases.

During the same time period, less software sales were made. dropping from 45.29 million units a year ago to 41.41 million units today.

Advertisement NINTENDO SWITCH SALES COULD RISE BEYOND Q1 FY2023, HITTING TARGETS. Nintendo could be able to recover even though hardware sales fell in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023. The company claims that it anticipates an improvement in component procurement starting in late summer and continuing through autumn. This ought to provide a more precise picture of Nintendo Switch production for the remainder of the year.

It also intends to make use of suitable shipping methods to facilitate the delivery of a greater number of Switch units to customers.

The best-selling model was the Nintendo Switch OLED. The OLED model of the various Switch iterations was the one that sold the most. According to Nintendo, 1.52 million of the 3.43 million Switch devices sold were the Switch OLED models. In the meantime, 1.32 million units of the standard Switch and 0.59 million of the Switch Lite were sold.

Advertisement For the first quarter of FY 2023, Nintendo had four titles that sold more than a million units. 4.84 million Nintendo Switch Sports units were sold, making it the most popular model. Mario Strikers: Battle League came in second with 1.91 million copies sold. Kirby And The Forgotten Land came in second with 1.88 million copies, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe came in third with 1.48 million copies. They were all first-party games.


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