Niantic just terminated 90 positions and several projects.

Niantic, the firm that created games like Pokemon Go and Ingress, is currently experiencing some financial difficulties. According to Bloomberg (via Engadget ), the corporation had to make some reductions in both people and projects. Niantic recently canceled four projects and slashed 90 jobs.

Since its release, Niantic has created a number of apps, but Pokemon Go is the one that immediately comes to mind. This 2016 game was a big hit and introduced many of us to augmented reality games and the idea of walking for enjoyment. Because of its widespread use, the market for portable chargers experienced significant development.

However, things are not good right now as Niantic has to eliminate 90 jobs. A business may seem to be doing well to the wider public, but may be experiencing major financial problems. This is what Niantic is experiencing. Niantic informed its staff in a depressing email that it would have to lay off around 8% of its workers.

Advertisement The email was written by the company’s CEO, John Hanke, who stated that the reductions are necessary to further streamline our processes and put the business in the best possible position to weather any impending economic storms. In essence, the economy is struggling, thus it has to eliminate positions in order to save expenses.

Not only were employees fired, but certain projects were also canceled. Four projects that the company was working on had to be terminated. This is terrible because it means that the company’s four new games may never be released.

Basketball enthusiasts can rejoice since NBA All-World will continue to air. The NBA and Niantic collaborated to develop an AR basketball game that would be played in the Metaverse.

Advertisement One of the ideas she had planned to work on was a Hamlet-themed theatrical game. Heavy Metal, a Transformers video game, was planned to be another. We don’t really know much about the other two. We do, however, know that their intended names were Snowball and Blue sky.

Since the economy is currently in a particularly bad situation, many businesses are presumably making the same kinds of cuts. We can only hope that things will improve eventually and that these games will hit the market.


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