New iconography is added to the Google Fonts portfolio, beginning with Material Icons.

Given the close relationship between typography and iconography, Google Fonts is introducing adding Material icons along with a new logo.

For years, Google has provided a collection of open-source, free fonts. To create a one-stop discovery site and give our users even more value, it is now adding iconography.

We still employ abstracted forms on a daily basis to communicate concepts and ideas, even if today’s letters and characters have evolved from abstracted representations of things in the real world.

This is particularly valid for user interfaces used in digital settings. For instance, the icon is now widely recognized as meaning to close or remove a portion of what viewers see on their screen. On your preferred search engine or on another website, you might have seen seen a magnifying glass used as a shortcut for the word “search.”

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Obviously, Material Icons are the first font family to be added to Google Fonts. They have over 2,000 unique icons representing typical actions and come in five different styles: filled, outlined, rounded, two-tone, and sharp. They are open-sourced and distributed under the Apache 2.0 license as a web font or for download via the Fonts API.

Google will soon provide additional, carefully chosen open source icon sets.
In the meantime, Google Fonts is changing the icon that displays in its side header and other characteristics as part of adding iconography:
We made the decision to reinvent our monogram F sign to better represent the range of goods and services that Google Fonts provides.

In particular, a variety of glyphs and icon shapes have been combined, with color playing a significant role in separating everything:

The new visual mark provides us more creative freedom and serves as inspiration for the UI’s overall style so that it more accurately reflects our goals for Fonts in the future.

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