New features and a new look have just been added to Google Messages.

The ability to reply to a specific message is highlighted as an important feature addition in Google’s blog post , which lists all the new Google Messages features. With the help of this functionality, users can respond to a specific message without interrupting the flow of the entire conversation and catch up on a chat they missed.

This time around, Google Messages has included the coolest feature yet—the ability to automatically convert voice messages into text. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series, the Galaxy S22, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 are just a few of the smartphones that now support this functionality, which is driven by Google’s potent machine learning skills.

Users no longer need to launch a specific app in order to recall significant occasions thanks to the redesigned Google Messages. If the app is given information about an anniversary or a birthday in advance, it may be able to remind users of those events. People can now watch the linked material from inside the message box without having to open YouTube when sending YouTube video links through Google Messages.

Additionally, users have the option to star a communication that is crucial so they can immediately access it later. Understanding the context of a communication and predicting the next course of action is another capability made feasible by Google’s sophisticated AI and ML capabilities. For instance, the app will invite you to add a calendar event for a meeting if you send a text stating the schedule for the following week.


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