New Discord app for Android Auto {Gallery}

The communications experience on Android Auto is set to get significantly better if you rely on Discord.

Discord has begun distributing an Android Auto app that may be used while driving. The latest Discord update, version 144.13, added the feature. The software appears to be functional on Android Auto versions 7.8 and 8.0.

The Discord experience on Android Auto isn’t quite the same as it is on a smartphone or other device. It’s merely an app to compile any discussions or messages you may have had throughout this particular drive. The Discord app displays messages that can either be replied to or are just meant to be watched. When you tap a message, Google Assistant simply reads it out loud and then asks you whether you want to respond. The message isn’t expanded in any way.

It’s not unusual for a messaging app to go down this path on Android Auto. For instance, Google Messages functions in a similar way.

Your use of Discord will ultimately determine how valuable this is. The app’s voice chat and messaging for gamers are its most well-known features, but it has evolved into a fantastic tool to instantly connect with pals via private servers. If an Android Auto app for Discord proves to be helpful to you, let us know in the comments section below!

Regards, Wyatt
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