New Android 13 animations feature the upcoming Pixel tablet and dock.

Thanks to new animations in the most recent Android 13 Beta, we now have the clearest view we’ve ever had of the dock adapter for the 2023 Pixel tablet.

Google revealed its plans to create the first Android-powered Pixel tablet since the Pixel C in 2015 earlier this year. We had previously reported that, similar to a detachable Nest Hub, Google’s upcoming tablet would also function as a Google Assistant smart display. To date, though, we haven’t seen any concrete evidence of the kind of dock that would be supplied for the Pixel tablet; the only hint is that it would feature a built-in speaker.

Our APK Insight team has discovered quite a few details about impending Pixel devices, especially for the Pixel tablet, in Google’s first beta release of Android 13’s upcoming quarterly update.

We get to watch the Pixel tablet docking or undocking from its attachment in two different motions. In the opening animation, a tablet slides onto a dock; immediately after that, a charging logo appears on the screen. The Google Assistant logo and icons for music, videos, alarms, and photographs, several of the Nest Hub’s primary functions, emerge shortly after.

Google provides some information about what to anticipate when your tablet is docked along with this animation. It states that you won’t need to unlock the Pixel tablet in order to cast music and videos from your phone to it, as you would with a Nest Hub or Chromecast.

You may customize what is displayed while docked, including clock faces, artwork, and pictures from your Google Photos collection, extending the similarity to the Nest Hub. The return of the Nest Hubs Weather Frog clock face is the only item we would like to see confirmed.

Utilize your tablet to its full potential even when it is docked and charging. Start setting up now, or later receive a reminder.
assistance with no holding necessary Accept responses from Google Assistant even if your screen is locked.
any moment, entertainment When your tablet is docked, you can play music or cast movies right from the lock screen.

Individualized display To display on your screen while your tablet is docked, pick from a variety of content, including clock faces, curated artwork, and personal images.

The tablet screen in the second animation is split, with a sizable clock on the left and notifications on the right. Notably, this lock screen design resembles the tablet lock screen displayed in a recent Google Nearby Sharing animation.

The tablet is repositioned on the dock by being raised forward (as opposed to directly upward). Our research indicates that Google is using this animation to show users how to unplug their Pixel tablet from its dock. The dock should attach via the pogo pins on the tablet’s rear, which are depicted in Google’s official drawings, rather than a USB-C connection.

all set
Lift from the bottom to undock your tablet when you’re ready to use it.

Unfortunately, the Pixel tablet dock is only visible from the front, making it difficult to determine how big or small the item will truly be and how much space you’ll need for it. Hopefully, at Google’s fall hardware announcement next month, we’ll learn more about the Pixel tablet and its accessories.

What do you think about Google’s ambitions to make Android tablets the focal point of the smart home in the interim? Tell us in the comments section.

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