Netflix is establishing a video game studio.

We all assumed that Netflix’s plans to create mobile games would be a passing fad when the news first broke. The massive streaming company, however, has some significant aspirations to enter the gaming industry. The business has historically depended on outside firms to create its games, but Netflix is actually creating its own own game studio .

Despite its best attempts, Netflix doesn’t immediately come to mind when we think of video games. The business has a selection of games available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Despite the company’s extensive marketing efforts, less than 1% of Netflix subscribers actually play the games.

NETFLIX, HOWEVER, IS CREATING ITS OWN GAME STUDIO Despite the fact that few people take Netflix seriously as a gaming company, it is nevertheless creating its own studio. To create its games, the business previously purchased a number of game studios. In addition, the business and Ubisoft recently teamed to create three unique games over the coming years. A game called Assassin’s Creed is involved here.

Advertisement It appears that the company now wants to go out on its own and create some independent video games. In Helsinki, Finland, it plans to establish a first-party game development company.

We don’t yet know exactly what kinds of games the company intends to create. More mobile games are probably in the company’s future, but more complex games are also a possibility. The issue is that the business may also be developing a cloud gaming service.

Netflix recently released a job listing stating that it is searching for “new ways of providing entertainment that require real-time, ultra-low latency network transport technologies.” This is a big “If,” but Netflix recently placed the job posting. Additionally, the business seeks to “directly touch a growing business area.” A growing industry, cloud gaming requires input that is low-latency. If so, we should be ready for some significant projects from Netflix.


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