Multiplayer Google Doodle game teaches you how to play ptanque

The most recent Google Doodle lets you practice the French game of ptanque before competing online against friends and strangers.

Playing today’s Google Doodle game will teach you that ptanque is a game in which players hurl round stones known as boules in an effort to get as close as possible to the target ball known as the c ochonnet or jack, which can also be moved when struck by a boule. The game resembles lawn bowling in some aspects, but it is normally played on dirt or gravel rather than grass and focuses more on throwing than rolling.

Keep your feet on the ground is the meaning of the word ptanque. In the past, competitors could usually gain a running start before tossing their boule in games using boules. Instead, in ptanque, participants must keep their feet in the starting position and toss the boule.

The game of ptanque was invented in the early 1900s in the French region of Provence in order to assist a buddy who could no longer run but still wanted to play a game of boules. Ptanque has progressively gained popularity during the past century in several nations, mainly in Europe and Asia.

You can play a game of ptanque online using your phone or computer in today’s Google Doodle. The gameplay is really easy to learn because all you have to do to hurl the boule toward the jack is essentially flick it or drag it and release it.

The trick is that for the ptanque toss, every component of your touch-and-mouse movement is taken into consideration. You may suppose that the direction of your movement will influence whether the boule will swerve left or right. The height of the throw depends on where you let go of the mouse or touchpad and the speed at which you flip the boule.

The Google Doodle gives you a quick explanation of the ptanque rules and a practice game against an AI opponent before you dive into competitive modes. The solitary practice mode is available after that so you may perfect your boule throw.

Once youre feeling confident, you may leap into the online modes, where you can compete against random people or invite your friends to play a match. Regardless, you have the choice of playing singles or doubles, depending on whether you want to engage in some friendly competition. With one of the four accessible replies when playing online, you can say what you think about the direction the game is taking.

The Google Doodle, which pits a pair of green grapes against a pair of purple grapes, prominently uses food products as part of its design. The genuine ptanque field is a half-baguette that has been cut lengthwise; in the backdrop, there are herbs and vegetables like tomatoes.

Ptanque will only be featured as a Google Doodle for one day, but you can always return to the Doodle blogs archives to continue playing if you get the urge.

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