Multi-power supply next-generation controller: MEAN WELL offers the majority

The foremost brand in standard power supply in the world, MEAN WELL, has recently been aggressively advertising its 3 N System Solutions. Here, “3” stands for Rack Power, Modular Power, and System Power, and “N” stands for the virtually limitless ways that MEAN WELL’s products can be combined and customized. “We primarily recommend the CMU2 Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller with a wide range of choices for system power supply, high-voltage centralized power supply, high-peak power supply, and energy-saving burn-in system, which can quickly satisfy the requirements of customers for equipment system applications,” says Eris Wu, Chief Technical Service Officer at MEAN WELL.

CMU2 multi-industry general-purpose smart controller

General-purpose multi-industry smart controller CMU2
The CMU2 controller combines intelligence and digitization.

The most recent version Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller from MEAN WELL is model CMU2 . The CMU2 uses a full-color touch screen in contrast to the LCD display interface of the previous iteration. “This is the most intuitive and user-friendly operation approach in a time when everyone has a smartphone in their hand. Because of its extraordinary scalability and direct modifiability for future looks and uses via software and firmware, “said Simon Kuo, the Product Strategy Center’s Product Manager. The user may therefore manage all of the power supplies with only one finger, even if there are dozens to be regulated.

Up to 64 3200W power supply can be managed by the CMU2 system power controller. Multiple independent power suppliers make up the system power supply. For instance, one of the most popular power supply solutions among clients is MEAN WELL’s DRP-3200 series Rack Mount Power Supplies.

Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) synchrotron high-power light source

High-power synchrotron light source Taiwan Photon Source (TPS)
National research institutions have endorsed CMU2.

The CMU2 and system power supply combination from MEAN WELL is appropriate for high power applications like industrial ones, water treatment, EV charging, operating systems for electronic product aging, UV curing equipment, horticulture lighting, lasers, etc. “In these applications, digital and smart management of centralized power setup can save a lot of hassle,” stressed Tony Hsieh, Section Manager of MEAN WELL’s Technical Service Center. For many applications, such as voltage and current adjustment needed for power management, power monitoring, or burn-in duration and load setting needed for burn-in devices, CMU2 contains built-in firmware and software.

The reliability, wisdom, and affordability of MEAN WELL power supply systems have always been highly regarded. Another indication that MEAN WELL system power supplies are prepared for the global arena is their recent successful adoption into national research institutions. The parallel solution’s output power can exceed 128kW, and MEAN WELL has supplied the DRP-3200 series Rack Mount Power Supplies, DHP-1UT-A 1U Rack Mountable Power Supply Case, CMU2 Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller, and 19-inch 15U Standard Case to research facilities.

As a high-frequency system power supply for research facilities, this system power solution will give the RF amplifier the power it needs to amplify small signals into the system.

Lighting now uses centralized DC high-voltage power sources.

A new power supply choice for 3 N system solutions is DC high-voltage centralized power supply . This is particularly true in light of the fact that the energy problem has not improved in the last two years. Hydrogen energy has even lately received interest once more because to power shortages in China in 2021 and the decline in natural gas supplies brought on by the Russo-Ukrainian War this year. These events have caused the market to pay more and more attention to centralized DC high-voltage power sources.

Added Tony Hsieh: “A DC centralized power supply has a greater conversion efficiency than AC power, which can reduce loss and make it a wise choice for energy and environmental preservation. DC centralized power supply is very promising for uses like green energy power generation and energy storage systems because it is simple to incorporate in different power grids.”

MEAN WELL is dedicated to putting ESG into practice and feels that it has a duty to support green energy and energy efficiency. MEAN WELL decided to enter the lighting industry and offer a complete solution for DC high-voltage centralized power supply lighting as the second-largest manufacturer of LED lighting driver power solutions worldwide. After power supply standards are more clearly defined, market acceptability is anticipated to rise quickly.

The New Suzhou Intelligent Campus, which will be finished in the fourth quarter of this year, will use DC 380V wiring to provide the power required for plant lighting and diverse machinery and equipment utilizing a DC centralized power supply. It is without a doubt the ideal site for centralized DC power supply demonstrations.

Low-peak power supply reduces size and expense.

Mean Well consistently makes an effort to accommodate different clients’ needs. For many applications where DC motors or capacitive loads are used, it is required to supply energy that is several times the rated current in order to start the machinery immediately. Additionally, MEAN WELL introduced the HRP-N3 series Peak Power Solution with an AC-DC power supply that includes power factor correction. There are three power models in this line of power supplies: 150W, 300W, and 600W.

Consider the industrial robot arm as an example. Its movement and displacement to carry out various tasks are driven by a DC motor. The HRP-N3 series Peak Power Solution from MEAN WELL can deliver up to 350 percent peak power for 5 seconds, which is sufficient to give DC motors the power they require to reliably and quickly carry out immediate actions.

In general, replacing power supplies with ones that have greater power specs, connecting more power supplies in parallel, and optimizing the system are standard techniques when more power is needed. However, these techniques have the drawbacks of significantly raising cost and consuming valuable space. Contrarily, HRP-N3 is the ideal option since it can quickly deliver peak power to equipment, lower prices, reduce volume, and make user-end equipment installation easier.


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