Mozilla Simplifies Private Browsing, Adds PDF Editing, and “Firefox View”

The most recent version of Mozilla Firefox has a tab history feature called “Firefox View,” PDF processing, and a greater emphasis on privacy.

The first feature in Mozilla’s sales pitch for Firefox 106 (Opens in a new window) browser, which was released on Tuesday for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, is privacy, which has been a major focus of the non-recent profit’s browser development.

The smaller improvements in this release contrast with prior releases that disabled common tracking methods like third-party cookies and browser fingerprinting. These changes include a desktop shortcut for private browsing and a default dark mode that makes it obvious when private browsing is activated.

(Source: Mozilla) With today’s release, Mozilla is making available a brand-new feature for desktop browser users dubbed “Firefox View.” It serves as a brief summary of your browsing history, keeping track of up to 25 recently closed tabs (see it as a supercharged new tab experience). But this isn’t restricted to just one gadget. The tabs’ contents will be remembered by Firefox on all the devices you have logged into. The last three tabs you have open on other devices are displayed on mobile devices.

In contrast, Firefox’s PDF viewer now doubles as a PDF editor, enabling users to annotate and sign documents without ever leaving the browser. This puts Firefox ahead of Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome and catches up to Microsoft’s Edge, which has long supported PDF annotating. Firefox, however, is still behind Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft’s Edge in that it does not have a tab-groups functionality in addition to its peculiar Android-only Collections (Opens in a new window) .

Additionally, Mozilla is enhancing its Firefox Colorways (Opens in a new window) function, which enables browser customisation based on color. Keely Alexis, a designer of streetwear and sneakers, created the most recent, limited edition Colorways wallpapers (best known for the Nike Air Jordans).


Finally, this update adds automated text recognition in pictures and PDFs for Mac users who are running the 2020-vintage macOS Catalina or later.

Firefox continues to stand out among the popular browser options for its robust privacy safeguards and independent development. However, despite having these characteristics, its market share in browsing has been rapidly dropping. According to Statcounter’s automatic measures, Firefox had more than a quarter of the US desktop market (Opens in a new window) in 2010 but has since dropped to 6.75% (Opens in a new window) .

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