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Each month, mobile gamers continue to spend billions of dollars on games, and some classic titles continue to dominate the download and revenue charts. In comparison to 2021, when global pandemic lockdowns were still in effect and consumers had more free time, the monthly year-over-year average spending is marginally lower. Even with the minor decline, the industry is still doing well.

The US is the largest market for Play Store game purchases, followed by Japan. China, which has a big market for mobile gaming, does not have Google Play. Let’s look at some of the trends in Android gaming that we have already observed in 2022.

CANDY CRUSH IS STILL COMMON The game Candy Crush Saga, which debuted on Facebook and moved to mobile devices less than six months later, turns ten this year. The freemium model model, in which consumers have the opportunity to make in-app purchases while still being able to download and play a game for free, was pioneered by developers King.

Advertisement Candy Crush was the first mobile game to earn its developer more than $1 billion because to the format’s enormous success. Despite less than 10% of players paying any money on the game, all of this was nevertheless accomplished. Few, if any, other video games have, a decade later, come close to Candy Crush’s level of popularity. It was the highest-grossing game in the Play Store in February of this year, and it has remained in the top five ever since.

RESTORING MOBILE SLOTS TO THE MENU Gambling apps are once again popular at the Play Store, despite the fact that they do not show up in the listings for gaming income. Prior to 2021, only a few nations had access to real money casino applications, mobile slots, and sports betting. Even then, the Play Store search did not yield any results for these apps; they had to be downloaded directly from the app provider’s website.

Google changed its stance in the beginning of last year without much notice, but the money it has made through apps for licensed and safe mobile slot sites and other gambling ventures is sizable. The sector, which had mostly abandoned apps in favor of instant-access mobile sites, may be impacted by the decision to permit real money gambling apps.

Advertisement A RETURN OF POKEMON GO Pokemon GO is another game that has been around for a while; it was first introduced in 2016 and is currently enjoying a popularity boom. One of the earliest mobile games to make use of augmented reality was this one, which superimposed game elements over the player’s front camera view. Players interacted with the characters wherever they went in the real world by using the game while they were out and about.

Naturally, this game suffered when people’s freedom of movement was severely restricted by quarantine orders. Niantic, the game’s creators, put a lot of effort into modifying the structure so that players could still have fun with it even when they were unable to go out as frequently. Pokemon GO returned to the number two slot in the Play Store revenue charts in June of this year, helped by the resumption of mass gatherings all over the world.

Top UK charts: COIN MASTER The UK’s top-grossing mobile game since 2019 has been Moon Active’s Coin Master. Although it is labeled as an adventure game, a social casino would be a more appropriate classification. This is due to the fact that it employs the same game principles as mobile slots and gambling websites, where players must attempt to win money through spins and riddles.

Advertisement Additionally, users of the app can purchase coins, which is how the game generates revenue. In order to receive free spins and money in addition, players can connect with Coin Master on social media. Coin Master continues to earn the most money on the Play Store despite the addition of real money gambling apps.

THE ASIAN MARKET’S LINEAGE MMORPG games ‘s Lineage series dates all the way back to 1998. This fantasy game, which is based on a Korean comic book, debuted as Lineage M for mobile devices in 2017. The more modern Lineage W game, which was released last year, can be accessed and played on a variety of platforms, including smartphones.

It’s interesting to note that in 2022, Lineage M and Lineage W both ranked among the top 10 highest-grossing Android games. So far this year, Lineage W has held the top rank for two months. The fact that the game only had a limited distribution is what surprises me the most about this. With few players outside of these two regions, the Korean and Taiwanese markets account for almost all of the game’s earnings.


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