More apps can now use “Continue Watching” on Roku OS 11.5; Google TV already had similar features.

Roku, Google TV, and other platforms continue to compete for the living room by trying to offer the greatest experience. Today, Roku unveiled Roku OS 11.5, which incorporates functionality like “Continue Watching” and others that Google TV has long provided.

Even more Google TV features are included with ROKU OS 11.5 Roku OS 11.5 will be released “over the next months” and brings a number of significant improvements to the Roku software interface, many of which are inspired by concepts Google TV has been utilizing for some time.

The Roku homescreen’s newest section, “The Buzz,” which will prioritize content discovery, comes first on that list. This section will include video clips, interviews, trailers, and other content. The capability to see where content is available will also be demonstrated in this section. Similar to Google TV, specific listings for each TV show or movie will indicate the platforms through which it may be accessed.

Additionally, a “Save List” that is accessible from both the app and the Roku homescreen is being added to the “What to Watch” page. This was first introduced by Roku through its mobile app last year, but it wasn’t until recently that the Roku itself could use it.

With a simple button push, you can quickly save movies and TV shows from different channels on your Roku device and compile them into an accessible library for subsequent streaming. On the Roku home screen menu and the