Mobile World of Warcraft spinoff canceled by Blizzard

According to a recent rumor from Bloomberg , Blizzard and NetEase have canceled a World of Warcraft mobile spinoff game. The game would not have been a straight port of the well-known PC MMORPG, but rather a mobile adaptation. According to Bloomberg, the canceled mobile game would have been set in the World of Warcraft setting. But it would have been a spinoff set in a different era rather than a mobile adaptation of the exact same game.

Codenamed Neptune, the canceled World of Warcraft mobile game, took more than three years to build.

A disagreement over the financial terms led to the cancellation of THE WORLD OF Warcraft mobile game. According to sources acquainted with the situation, Bloomberg reports that the game was canceled because of a dispute over the payment arrangements. After the project was canceled, NetEase also terminated a group of more than 100 developers who were working on it. However, it did give some of those individuals the chance to switch to different positions within the organization.

Advertisement One of the three World of Warcraft mobile games that were known was called Neptune. One more, code-named Orbis, was an augmented reality game similar to Pokmon GO that was supposedly canceled early this year. The third is Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a strategy game that is very similar to Crash Royale in terms of gameplay. After completing its initial closed beta, Warcraft Arclight Rumble is still being developed.

No specifics regarding the disagreement were provided. It does, however, prompt certain issues. Blizzard and NetEase have a history of cooperation. Since 2009, NetEase has distributed World of Warcraft in China.

It appears that things aren’t as rosy as one might have thought now that the two corporations are in disagreement to the point of a cancellation. Nevertheless, the Diablo Immortal video game that Blizzard and NetEase co-created continues to be successful. Since its release, the game is thought to have earned over $100 million.

Advertisement demonstrating that there is still a lot of room for the two businesses to adapt the popular IP of Blizzard for mobile devices.


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