Meta to Repel Sellers, Axe Facebook Live Shopping

The most recent victim of Meta’s switch to short-form video is Facebook Live Shopping.

Business owners may demonstrate and sell products in live streams, respond to inquiries, and receive feedback in real time thanks to the functionality, which functions somewhat like a modern Home Shopping Network.

However, Meta now says (Opens in a new window) is doing rid of shoppable live streams on its primary social network and urging businesses to experiment with Reels and Reels ads on Facebook and Instagram since “consumers viewing behaviors are transitioning to short-form video.”

Starting on October 1, Facebook users will no longer be able to “build product playlists or tag products” when broadcasting live videos.

Presenters will still be able to tag up to 30 products in Reels thanks to Live Shopping on Instagram (Opens in a new window) . Meanwhile, companies with checkout-enabled businesses can work with other creators and organize a broadcast anywhere between an hour and three months in advance.

The news comes shortly after Instagram reversed course after receiving criticism from high-profile (Opens in a new window) and began to include full-screen videos and feeds filled with content from arbitrary profiles.


Just don’t anticipate it to stop trying with video: In addition to new templates that make it simpler to film and share the 90-second movies, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri committed to continue to emphasize Reels. (Starting with a test to automatically turn video posts into Reels (Opens in a new window) ) According to The Financial Times reports (Opens in a new window) , Mosseri will also apparently move temporarily to London to collaborate with the UK team on initiatives to take on TikTok and embrace the metaverse.

In April, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, disclosed that Reels were being seen by spend 20% of their time (Opens in a new window) Instagram users. Ironically, a lot of those are probably TikToks that have been reposted, which the firm attempts to manage by giving films a quality rating (i.e. those not created on a rival platform).

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