Meta is hit with a $175 million fine for its use of Facebook and Instagram live technology.

According to a recent decision by a federal judge in Texas, Facebook parent company Meta will now have to pay Voxer a punishment of just under $175 million in recurring royalties for the use of two Meta products, specifically Facebook Live and Instagram Live. The court has reportedly determined that both Meta-owned goods violate and use software created by Voxer. designed specifically by Tom Katis, the founder of Voxer, for its Walkie Talkie app. The software was made available in 2011.

Live voice and video transmissions are closely tied to the technology in question. Facebook allegedly contacted the business soon after the app’s 2011 launch, according to Voxer. According to reports, the social media juggernaut and Voxer were unable to come to terms about the usage of the exclusive technology. or its list of patents.

Facebook had been shown Voxer’s private portfolio of technology and patents at the time.

Advertisement When a compromise could not be reached, Voxer claims that Meta classified Walkie Talkie and Voxer as rivals. The company was then denied access to Facebook tools like the Find Friends feature.

THE FINE, WHY? WHERE DO INSTAGRAM LIVE AND FACEBOOK LIVE FIT INTO THIS CASE? In 2015, Meta, then known only as Facebook, debuted its own live services for its acclaimed social media platforms. Specifically, Facebook Live, given that Instagram Live debuted in late 2016.

Between those dates, Voxer reports that Mr. Katis met with the product manager for Facebook Lives. The two talked about probable Facebook Live patent violation. However, there was no agreement reached at the end of the discussion for Meta to make use of the technology.

Advertisement Despite the fact that the court presently supports Voxers’ position, this may alter in the future. Meta has categorically refuted Voxers’ claims and intends to appeal the decision.

According to Meta, the trial provided proof that Meta had not violated the patents of Voxers. It looks that Meta will have to pay the penalties related to its apps, Facebook Live services, and Instagram Live in the interim.


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