Major performance and multiplayer issues are present in Risk of Rain 2 on Google Stadia.

One of our favorite Google Stadia games, Risk of Rain 2, has been broken for the past few weeks. Here is what is happening.

Risk of Rain 2’s Stadia port made its debut in 2020 with a unique level and has since grown to be one of the more well-supported iterations of the game. It received the Survivors of the Void expansion earlier this year, shortly after PC. This expansion has not yet been released on consoles but is expected to do so in the fourth quarter of 2022 for both Xbox and PlayStation.

Players of Risk of Rain 2 on Stadia, however, have recently reported a variety of issues with the game, from performance issues to multiplayer troubles.

The multiplayer support appears to be the biggest issue. When hosting a lobby, players have discovered that the game either freezes at startup or displays a blank screen without allowing them to change their character or loadout. Kyle Bradshaw and I were able to immediately duplicate this problem in a test, but we were eventually able to begin a round.

The problem was originally brought to our attention by an Reddit thread earlier this week, but it seems to have existed since an at least mid-August .

Risk of Rain 2 on Stadia appears to be experiencing significant performance issues in addition to multiplayer troubles. After Stadia opens the game and waits for the menu to appear, we’ve seen in our testing that it takes almost a full minute for the game to load, and menu freezes also seem to be frequent.

As far as we can tell, these inaccuracies have not been acknowledged by Gearbox Publishing/Hoppo Games.

This week, we contacted Gearbox Publishing about the troubles with Risk of Rain 2 on Stadia, but as of the time of publication, we had not heard anything.

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