Losing Pixel Exclusivity, Car Crash Detection Will Be Available on More Phones

It appears that Google’s highly appreciated car crash detection tool may soon become more accessible to Android devices outside of the Pixel. A line of code has exposed this, indicating that a non-Pixel version is in the works.

MORE ANDROID PHONES MAY GET CAR CRASH DETECTION SOON The most recent version of the Google Personal Safety app has that line of code. It was disclosed by Mishaal Rahman . While Google appears to be working on the adjustment, we are unsure of when it will take place. We’ll see, it might even come with Android 13.

How does car crash detection work? What is it? If it’s turned on, it can essentially tell when you’ve been in a car accident and will dial an ambulance for you. It employs a multitude of low-power sensors to identify audio and fast movement and assess whether you’ve been in a car accident.

Advertisement Keep in mind that it doesn’t really use any battery life, so leaving it on would not be a bad idea. A warning will now sound and a question will be asked on your phone if you need assistance if Car Crash Detection detects a collision. Your Pixel will make an emergency response call on your behalf if you don’t.

A component of the personal safety app is THIS FEATURE. Car crash detection is a useful function, but the Personal Safety app offers more. Other app features might be prepared to take flight. When natural calamities like earthquakes or floods are imminent, the app can notify people.

Pixel smartphones have had Car Crash Detection since March 2020. Whether a vehicle collision victim was conscious or not, we’ve heard a lot of situations where it was helpful.

Advertisement When the moment is right, Google will undoubtedly address this, but a change is on the way. It is confirmed by this line of code. In order to add these capabilities to Android OEMs’ phones, Google will need to collaborate with them.


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