Limited “Early Access” sales of the OnePlus 10T will take place in the US this month.

The OnePlus 10T is officially a reality, and it will soon arrive in the US. To get your hands on it, though, you could have to wait well over a month. Pre-orders began on September 1, while regular sales don’t start until September 29. Fortunately, there is a way to obtain the phone quickly. All you need to do is act quickly and keep a few dates in mind. This month, OnePlus is offering the OnePlus 10T for a few early access purchases, most likely with a restricted supply.

On Wednesday, August 3, immediately following the phones’ introduction, the first sales window opened. The sale will last for four days, ending on August 6. In the next weeks, starting on Wednesdays, OnePlus will release three additional four-day early access sales releases (August 10-13, August 17-20, and August 24-27).

Only, the company’s official website, will host this OnePlus 10T sale. There aren’t any omissions or other such things. You can place your order by visiting the website here . The 16GB 256GB version of the phone is also available to you as part of the early access program for the same price as the base model (8GB 128GB). During this early access sale, you will save $100 on the former, which was originally priced at $749 and $649, respectively.

Advertisement In addition, OnePlus is giving complimentary cases and interest-free 24-month installments to early buyers. Therefore, if you were previously going to purchase the OnePlus 10T, now is a great time to do so. However, as was previously stated, the company’s available inventory during these sales windows is likely to be restricted. Thus, you might want to move quickly.

This month, THE ONEPLUS 10T WILL BE AVAILABLE IN OTHER REGIONS. Release dates for the OnePlus 10T are being staggered. In China, the domestic market, the phone is already on sale. India, a neighboring nation, will receive the phone this coming Saturday, August 6. In the middle of August, it will reach European markets. In late September, OnePlus will finally release the device in North America.

The OnePlus 10T is an affordable performance powerhouse, as we determined in our review. There are many advantages to this phone. not simply in terms of specifications but also in terms of everyday performance. There are some drawbacks to the OnePlus 10T as well, which may deter some users from purchasing it, but no smartphone is flawless. However, if you’re certain of your discovery, you might not want to miss this early access deal.


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