LG V50 ThinQ Receives Android 12

LG first unveiled the creator-focused LG V50 ThinQ in 2019. The phone was what first made the LG display casing popular, and it also brought with it several potent features. According to 9To5Google , the LG V50 is now getting the Android 12 upgrade.

Before LG said goodbye to its mobile sector, the LG V50 was the second-to-last V-series phone. Although it had a simple exterior, this phone had a powerful internal engine. Sadly, it was ignored for the newest iPhones and Galaxy phones of the year. Even though this phone is three years old, its OEM continues to provide software upgrades for it.

AT LAST, THE LG V50 THINQ IS GETTING ANDROID 12 It’s difficult to get enthusiastic about a phone getting Android 12 with the hype surrounding Android 13 at the moment. This is noteworthy, though, given LG closed its mobile division last year. Everyone was curious as to the company’s plans for software support. Just one year prior to their releases, the LG Wing and LG Velvet received a ton of software support.

Advertisement Thankfully, LG informed us that it will continue to service its products even after the mobile division was shut down. The Velvet, V60, and Wing have already received the Android 12 upgrade.

The LG V50’s software hasn’t undergone any cosmetic modifications, which is a sad development. The other LG phones that received the update didn’t have any. It makes sense because the business is focusing on several initiatives. It doesn’t actually require significant UI modifications.

Unfortunately, this indicates that the upgrade will not include Dynamic Color. Most people, if anything, would have preferred to have that. But it won’t be included in this release.

Advertisement However, LG will be delivering some of Android 12’s most useful features. The privacy indications for the camera and microphone are the first thing it is bringing. When the cameras or microphone are active, users will notice a small dot on top of the phone.

The software will also provide users the option of disclosing either their precise location or an approximation of it. Watch out for the update to arrive on your phone because it will only be available for American units.


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