LG Rollable receives expert advice from beyond the grave. {Video}

Although they have a significant market share, foldable smartphones still have a futuristic aura. However, they are not the only innovative form factor available. Before the firm closed its mobile division, LG, like some other companies, had a rolling screen in development that was slated to launch as the LG Rollable. We are now finally getting a glimpse at the gadget in use.

Early in 2021, LG provided a first peek at the LG Rollable, as seen in the image above. The gadget has an expanding display that could expand the typical form factor into something more akin to a tablet.

Other companies have played with with the idea as well, including TCL, Oppo, and others. However, LG came the closest to launching the product, hinting that it might do so in 2021.

A story asserting that the project had been shelved appeared not long after LG had formally teased the gadget. LG swiftly and vehemently denied that claim.

That obviously didn’t work out.

Only a few months later, LG abruptly ended its smartphone division, cancelled all upcoming products, and yanked the rug out from under the Rollable. The successors to the LG V60 and LG Velvet were among the other models canceled.

Since then, the LG Rollable has mostly remained a mystery; it has only ever been depicted in one LG cartoon and a small number of leaked photographs.

The LG Rollable is now demonstrated in action in a hands-on video (through Android Authority ), giving us a peek at how the device expands its display and demonstrating the software controls that make the display bigger.

It offers a tiny glimpse of what might have been and what is currently impossible. I’m hoping someone else will eventually commercialize this concept.
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