Launching with Pixel Buds Pro is Google Fast Pair audio switching between Android devices.

On Android devices, Google Fast Pair is a terrific function that we frequently use. Even though it’s still a nuisance, it makes pairing and switching between phones and tablets a little easier. In an effort to remedy that, Google is announcing audio switching, a brand-new technology that will work in conjunction with the currently available Fast Pair on the Pixel Buds Pro and further devices in the future. It was first announced back at Google I/O 2022.

Although multipoint pairing does enhance Android’s Bluetooth audio performance, it still causes pain and discomfort when attempting to switch the audio to another device.

Let’s imagine that while listening to music on your Pixel 6 Pro , you are also connected to another Android tablet using the same headphones. You must pause the music and play the video on a different device in order to listen to a video you’ve pulled up on the tablet, hoping that the audio will start up and switch over.

Even though your headphones are already connected to both devices, switching between them requires some work on your behalf. This is a problem that Bluetooth earbuds frequently experience.

Google is also rolling out new technology that is scheduled to be released next week will completely eliminate that problem with the Pixel Buds Pro. In essence, the company’s new Android audio switching technology will remove itself from the situation and take control of the audio switching between devices. While you’re listening on an Android device and an important sound comes in on your tablet, your Pixel Buds Pro will instantly switch outputs and choose the tablet.

enable Google audio switching

This does not imply that each and every sound will operate a switch. Instead, the Fast Pair-based technology will use context to decide which sounds should activate Android’s audio switch. This won’t be accomplished by notification sounds, but a phone conversation will be loud enough to cause the Pixel Buds Pro to switch the audio source.

A notification will show up for each switch and on both devices in the event that Google’s machine learning algorithm fails. By tapping the notification, you can easily turn back the switch and continue listening on your selected device.

The Pixel Buds Pro will be the first earbuds to have this new technology, but in the upcoming weeks, some JBL and Sony earphones will also be compatible, according to Google. As of currently, there is no mention of which earbud models have these effects.

The Pixel Buds Pro will be the first devices to receive this new feature, which is starting to roll out today. If you are using the new feature on your Pixel Buds Pro, let us know in the comments how well it functions.

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