Launching Next Month Is the Open-World Sci-Fi RPG Tower of Fantasy

Genshin Impact has very much controlled the market for open-world anime role-playing games on mobile, but Tower of Fantasy’s release could change that.

The release date has been officially revealed by Hotta Studios’ game development team this afternoon. In August, Tower of Fantasy will become available for mobile devices. Additionally, the game will be released simultaneously around the world. And it will be available on PCs and mobile devices. Also included under mobile are iOS and Android-powered devices. So, whichever of the two mobile platforms you prefer, you can play it.

If you weren’t able to play Tower of Fantasy during its player testing, it has a Genshin Impact-like vibe. It is entirely open-world and boasts anime-inspired art. As a result, there are many vast regions to discover and numerous individuals to encounter. There are also countless quests to complete. Combat in it is also exciting. The fact that it has a post-apocalyptic sci-fi premise is one significant difference, though. You will be able to play in the very near future if all of that intrigues you.

Advertisement On August 10, TOWER OF FANTASY WILL BECOME GLOBALLY AVAILABLE. Hotta Studios has announced that Tower of Fantasy will be live worldwide on August 10. Over 3 million pre-registrations suggest that players are eager to participate. We don’t blame them, either. During the game’s closed beta, we had the opportunity to play it. We can understand the excitement and fanfare, and it was a lot of fun.

At 5PM PT, the game will be made available to play. Although it’s not clear if this refers to when the servers go live or when the game will be ready for installation. It is still possible to pre-register for the game if you haven’t already. You can pre-register through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store if you’re playing on a mobile device.

Additionally, you may pre-register on Steam and the Epic Games Store if you’re playing on a PC. Thus, you have choices. Additionally, there are benefits to pre-registering. Additionally, there will be a ton of goodies to collect because all pre-registration goals have been reached.


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