Launched on IndieGogo, the GameSir X3 gaming controller for Android now has a cooling fan.

As a replacement for the company’s well-liked X2 controller for Android phones, the GameSir X3 is being released today on IndieGogo and includes a new cooling fan.

It’s hard to deny the appeal of controllers that grab the sides of your phone to transform it into something that resembles a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, even though full-size controllers are still the finest control alternatives for gaming on the go. So far, the GameSir X2 has been our preferred controller for doing this. Because of its low price and simplicity of usage, it has gained a lot of popularity among Stadia and cloud gaming fans.

As is customary for the brand, GameSir is releasing the GameSir X3—a controllers sequel—over on IndieGogo . The main distinction between the GameSir X3 and the previous model is that it is designed around a cooling pad with a fan and, yes, RGB lighting.

Notably, unlike the controller itself, this fan does not require power from your phone to operate. Instead, you must connect the fan to USB-C power in order to activate it. Additionally, the controller has a second USB-C port that may charge your phone directly. The improved cooling pad and heatsink should help keep temperatures down while traveling even without the fan running.

When creating the X3, GameSir included a lot of feedback from the X2 controller’s earlier prototypes. User choice appears to be the key lesson here. For instance, because the face buttons (ABXY) are magnetic, you may remove them and rearrange them in either Nintendo or Xbox style (BAYX). Similar interchangeable D-Pad styles, thumbstick heights, and thumbstick caps are now available.

Notably, the GameSir X3 is now less adaptable than the X2 models that came before it, as those controllers also came in a Bluetooth-equipped version that was compatible with both Android and iOS. Input latency is reduced by using a USB-C connection to link this new controller to your phone.

GameSir is providing a discount to backers during the IndieGogo campaign for the X3, as well as bulk discounts on the $99 controller down to $69 . Since the campaign is already halfway toward its goal, success is almost a certainty. Full manufacturing will commence in May, followed by distribution to backers in June. More customers will eventually be able to purchase the controller at its full retail cost.

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