Launch of the Motorola Razr (2022) and Moto X30 Pro is postponed

Launches of the Moto X30 Pro flagship smartphone and the foldable Razr (2022) have been put off indefinitely by Motorola. Today was the company’s planned launch date for the new products in China. But at the last minute, it called off the event. Neither an explanation nor a new launch date was provided by the phone manufacturer, which is owned by Lenovo.

Just hours before the event, Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo China’s mobile division, issued an apology on Weibo for the last-minute cancellation. Without giving further details, he stated that the launch had been postponed for an unknown reason. Motorola likewise posted a similar apology on the microblogging site, but chose not to provide any details about the change in their intentions.

We sincerely apologize for this and appreciate your fervent support of Moto’s innovative products. You can continue to follow Moto’s official communication portal, the post read for updates on new goods (machine translated).

Advertisement A STRONG HYPE HAD BEEN CREATED BY MOTOROLA AROUND THE RAZR (2022) For the past few weeks, Motorola has been teasing the Razr (2022) foldable. By gradually disclosing important details about the device, the business has created significant hype. The gadget was positioned to be a strong rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 when it releases next week. It might even have a distinct advantage over Korean companies that provide a larger cover display. But in a letdown after all the fanfare, the company abruptly postponed the launch of the foldables.

Due to the Moto X30 Pro’s 200-megapixel rear camera, there was also a lot of interest in it. It would have had the first 200-megapixel smartphone camera in history. Well, if Motorola doesn’t delay the launch for too long, it might still be. Few rumors suggest that another smartphone will be released soon that has such an incredibly high-resolution camera. But this cancellation is undoubtedly bad news for the gadget.

There are suspicions that the decision to cancel the Razr (2022) and Moto X30 Pro launch event was influenced by the escalating hostilities between China and Taiwan, despite Motorola’s official statements being light on details. The Chinese government is unhappy with Nancy Pelosi’s recent announcement that she would visit Taiwan. Beijing has issued a warning, saying that the US will pay a price for it. Let’s hope that current political tensions soon subside so that we can see the new Motorola foldable.


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