Latest Social App Making Genuine Connections Through Happin at Local Events Is Safe

Events and festivals are expected to return to our lives in 2022 after two years of limitations and cancellations.

And you’ll want Happin in your corner when it happens. It’s an innovative events app. It not only connects you with other partygoers but also enables you to find and attend events around the nation.

According to Happin CEO Alex Li, the platform turns the social media paradigm on its head by becoming more of a to-do app than a status app.

Advertisement This is how it goes from start to finish. It all begins when you become aware of your desire for a particular occasion. You may learn precisely what is happening and where it is with Happin’s user-friendly interface.

You’re sure to find something that appeals, with Lollapalooza, Coachella, Burning Man, SXSW, Stagecoach Festival, EDC, and a ton of other major events all represented.

Before you know it, you have purchased your tickets. At this moment, Happin truly starts to shine. You can check the profiles of the other participants and send friend requests as soon as you’ve verified your participation at an event.

Advertisement Just relax. Who can view your profile is completely under your control. You can specify age and gender as privacy settings, as well as tell potential pals what you’re looking for at the event: friendship, a relationship, or nothing at all. To ensure that everyone using the app is who they say they are, there are ID and photo verification processes.

Naturally, Happin also enables you to communicate with your pals via three different sorts of chat.

You can establish or join a window in Number Communicate, Private Squad provides you a place to chat with a select group of pals, and Event Chat gives you a window that closes two days after the event, in observance of the festival community’s most important rule.

Advertisement Anything that occurs during Burning Man remains there.
Download Happin for free on the App Store or to try it out for yourself.


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