Konami Adapted Bomberman as a Game for Apple Arcade With Music

This week, Konami will release a brand-new Bomberman game for Apple Arcade that features gameplay intertwined with music.

Amazing Bomberman (Opens in a new window) will be playable on Aug. 5 (Opens in a new window) , however anyone starting the game and anticipating the standard Bomberman action will be in for a surprise. The levels now have a musical component that allows them to respond to the music being played, thanks to Konami.

The fight time will also alter while you play, and the bomb placement and explosion sound effects will as well. When a song becomes “exciting,” blocks that can be destroyed with bombs to uncover additional things will fall onto the stage. A more dynamic playing experience is revealed in the demo video, which may deter certain Bomberman aficionados from playing.

Bomberman can be “blown away” while playing, but since he can always be revived, it doesn’t really matter. Additionally, Konami introduced a multiplayer component that enables up to four people (from all over the world) to compete for the song’s top score. The Bomberman of the player with the highest score at the moment is highlighted, and anyone who manages to blow them up earns bonus points.

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Amazing Bomberman offers a variety of objectives to finish and customization materials to gather for gamers that enjoy playing solo. Additionally, since this game is an Apple Arcade release, you get the entire game to play whenever you want to without having to worry about monetization or DLC. Additionally, Konami posted an “music for study and work” video (Opens in a new window) to YouTube that contains 29 minutes of Amazing Bomberman soundtrack if you want to listen to it independently.


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