Kindle changed its refund policy in response to a sleazy TikTok trend.

Have you ever sold a thing only to find yourself in debt at the end of the day? This is the situation that authors who publish their novels on Kindle are in. According to Tech Radar , there is a new, sleazy TikTok trend that prompted Kindle to alter its refund policy.

What is this fashion? People on the platform are advising others to purchase books, read them quickly before the refund time expires, and then return them. People really are that bad, yes.

As you can expect, this does not sit well with the authors of those novels. They work on these novels for several months or even a year. People who are willing to read their books should also be willing to purchase them, right? (you know, basic human decency.) But these books are essentially being stolen.

1/2 advertisement The author receives a larger refund when you return an ebook to Amazon than what they were paid for the sale. That implies that we might owe Amazon money at the end of the month. TikToks’s viral message that it’s alright to return ebooks

June 3, 2022 . (@KBrombergDriven)

Advertisement The fact that the author actually pays Kindle a fee when a book is returned just makes things worse. Now, some authors’ salaries are soaring as a result of this TikTok fad. Once more, authoring these novels takes a lot of time and effort. They are not only being conned, but they are also paying for it. And these are purported admirers of their works.

KINDLE IS CHANGING ITS REFUND POLICY DUE TO THIS TREND. Kindle was forced to adapt in response. You will now notice a change in the refund policy when you purchase a book on Kindle. You cannot get a refund if you purchase a book and read at least 10% of it.

It’s an effective strategy to stop this trend. If you’re trying to read a book quickly, you’ll discover that once you’ve completed 10% of it, the deal is done. It’s unfortunate that the business must implement a policy like this, but this isn’t the only commotion brought on by a TikTok fad.


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