Just In Time For The Pixel 6a Launch, A New Magic Eraser Feature Is Demonstrated.

Google demonstrated a new Magic Eraser function, which lets you modify the colors of items in a picture, during the Pixel 6a presentation in May. Before the Pixel 6a debut, Espers Mishaal Rahman simply demonstrated that feature.

PIXEL 6AS’S NEW MAGIC ERASER FEATURE IS DEMOED PRIOR TO RELEASE Just to be clear, this tool is essentially a camouflage feature and does not let you select colors. It enables you to make items in an image less sharp so they blend in with the background and make your topic stand out more.

Mishaal Rahman used a photograph of the SpaceX Falcon 9 from a Houston show in this illustration. He filmed his screen in this brief video clip and altered the colors of some nearby items.

Advertisement Testing out Magic Eraser’s new Camouflage feature on a photograph of the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster exhibit in Houston, which mutes colors from obtrusive things. Really cool, huh? pic.twitter.com/WK7TB97YbW

Mishaal Rahman has AA3 on Twitter.

Advertisement The ability of Magic Eraser to eliminate things from an image is well recognized. The ability to alter an object’s color is a brand-new and incredibly intriguing capability. Although it hasn’t yet reached Pixels, we anticipate it will do so shortly.

It will come standard on Google’s next mid-range phone, but it will also be available on some other Pixel models. Others presumably won’t have the pleasure, but we’ll see. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro with the Google Tensor SoC are expected to rock it.

PRE-ORDERING FOR THE PIXEL 6A BEGINS JULY 21. Having said that, the Pixel 6a will be available for pre-order on July 21 in two days. After the pre-order period for the phone expires on July 28, it will be available for purchase.

Advertisement That phone does appear quite appealing, and a big factor in that is the price. The Pixel 6a features a fairly great set of specs overall including Google’s still-flagship SoC. It has a contemporary appearance and is smaller than the Pixel 6.

For $449, this package includes stock Android, quick updates, LPDDR5 RAM, and UFS 3.1 flash storage. By the way, the phone will be available in over a dozen nations worldwide.


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