June’s Google Play system changes include sharing on the thread/matter network, and more {U}

New support for Thread/Matter devices as well as a number of additional security patches for our smartphones and tablets are included in the Google Play system updates for Android released in June.

Many of the essential aspects of Android that we all adore and use every day are driven by Google Play Services. More recently, Google has also used the Play Store and Google Play system upgrades to deliver some of the most popular features of newer Android versions to older smartphones. Google outlines continually updates the page with fresh items each month, letting users know what new features and improvements to anticipate from the most recent changes to what it refers to as the Google System.

Follow a direct link to the apps and, if available, update from there to find out if you need to update Google Play Services on your phone. Tap your avatar in the corner, then choose Settings to update the Play Store. You’ll see a button to update the Play Store under the About section. Under About phone andgt; Android version andgt; Google Play system update in the Settings app, users can find Google Play system updates.

Google Play Services Updates The release notes for this month’s Google System upgrades are now brief and general, concentrating on security vulnerabilities as June is only just getting started. The present notes are all the same as what we’ve seen for the past few months, but Google will undoubtedly reveal what’s in store over time.

The page states that in order to receive the full benefits, you must install the June Google Play system update, Play Store version 30.3 or later, and Google Play Services version 22.26.

Update 6/14: Google has revealed that the most recent version of Google Play Services now supports storing and sharing information about Thread network devices in the release notes for June’s Google System update. If you’re not acquainted, Matter, the future smart home standard promoted by Google, is built on a number of technologies, one of which is Thread. The utilization of Matter and Thread in Google Home and how they will enhance everyone’s experience in the smart home were topics of discussion by Google leadership before to I/O.

Google also indicates in other places in the notes that the Sync UI System on Android phones has been updated with the most recent Google Material design, which is likely a hint at a Material You redesign.

Update 6/17: A new shortcut to Google Password Manager will soon be available on your Android home screen, according to the most recent revision to the Play System Update notes. After showing up on one of our devices, the feature is currently being released.

You’ll discover a new option to Add shortcut to your home screen under the Password Manager settings in the Google app. When you tap the new shortcut, your complete list of passwords saved in your Google Account is immediately accessible.

Update 6/27: Over the weekend, Google added a few more details to the patch notes. The most important new information is that Wear OS devices will now support Fast Pair in advance of the autumn release of the Pixel Watch.

In addition, the most recent notes include several Google apps delivering notifications regarding the security of your account. New features will also be added to the Google Play Store so users can find and download new games and apps.

Update 7/1: Google has included two more changes to the June Play System Update notes, which are likely the last updates for the month. First off, it’s mentioned that you may now activate Google Password Manager by entering a URL, but based on our tests, this feature isn’t yet active.

Your Android phone’s built-in assistance and support features are also slated to get what Google refers to as Promoted Product Links. We didn’t immediately detect any changes in Google Help after installing the most recent Play Services Beta update, version 22.26, but be sure to reach out if you see any changes.

CRITICAL FIXES Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS Bug fixes for account administration, as well as services related to system management and diagnostics. MANAGEMENT OF ACCOUNTS Enabled Google account-related urgent security notifications in Google apps on a phone or tablet. Add functionality for storing and distributing Thread network credentials. DEVICE CONNECTIONS Phone, Tablet, TV Fast Pair on Wear OS on wearables enables previously paired headphones to be found and connected. PLAY STORE ON GOOGLE The Play-as-You-Download feature has been improved to allow gamers to begin playing mobile games while the program is still downloading, cutting down on waiting periods. New features to make it easier for you to find the games and apps you love. improvements that enable quicker and more dependable download and installation. The Play Pass and Play Points programs now have new features. Improved Google Play Billing. Play Protect is always being improved to keep your device secure. various bug repairs, performance enhancements, and security, stability, and accessibility upgrades. Shortcuts to the Password Manager are supported on the SECURITY ANDAMP; PRIVACY “Phone.” Now a URL can be used to access the Google password manager. This update brings Promoted Product Links to GoogleHelp. SUPPORT “Phone” Updated Sync UI System with the most recent Google Material design for UTILITIES “Phone” MANAGEMENT OF SYSTEMS system management services updates that enhance the performance, stability, and reliability of devices. ENGINEERING SERVICES Google and other third-party app developers now have new developer options to handle advertisements and other developer services in their apps. FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.

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