Is the Firestick remote malfunctioning? Aim for 4 Simple Steps!

Urg!! Never again! Your Amazon Firestick remote isn’t working, is it? It is such a frequent issue that practically everyone occasionally encounters it. Do not panic. Relax!! If you’re here and reading this, then allow me to reassure you that there are numerous answers to your problem listed in this article.

Despite the fact that there are numerous ways to use your Firestick, who wants to exert more effort? You won’t have to hustle for much longer, though, because we have the four greatest solutions to your firestick not functioning problem. However, after it is fixed, don’t start the same remote-related argument with your siblings again. Just a thought!

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Fix Mic Has Been Disabled Please Enable in Free Fire There are numerous potential causes for why your remote stopped functioning properly, including a bad network connection, improperly installed batteries, or even a technical issue. So what do you do? Where do I begin? We advise doing the power test by taking out and replacing your remote’s batteries as the first action. Even after doing so, does your Firestick remote still not function? Don’t worry; use the other solutions listed below to resolve this issue.

There’s no need to lose your temper because this problem has a solution, just like every other problem. We’ll start with the most fundamental fixes to fix the Firestick remote pairing problem.

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NOT WORKING FIRESTICK REMOTE A FIX FOR THE PAIRING IN 4 STEPS If you have taken every precaution at your disposal and nothing seems to be working, consider these easy-to-use techniques to solve your pairing issue.


Firestick Remote Not Working; Remove Batteries
Source: Sourajit Saha

The easiest method for repairing your Firestick remote. Reinstall the remote’s batteries after removing them. Repeat three to four times. If necessary, you might tap the remote against your hand or a wall. But oh no! Be careful not to damage it.

Replace the old batteries with new ones if that didn’t work. Your batteries may be dead or have reached their expiration date.

This procedure will undoubtedly be successful if your remote’s battery was the problem. Go to the second approach if the first one didn’t solve the issue.


Firestick Remote Not Working; Unplug The Power Source From Your Firestick
Source: KFire TV

Either disconnect the power cord from the wall or unplug the USB from the actual USB stick to accomplish this.
The thing you should avoid doing is simply unplugging the HDMI from the TV, as it won’t actually reset it.

Therefore, you must disconnect it for 60 seconds. See whether it functions. If not, we also have additional options. Let’s carry on to the subsequent troubleshooting stage.

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Firestick Remote Not Working; Hold Left Side, The Back, and The Menu Button
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On either side of the home button are the back and menu buttons. Therefore, you must press and hold the Left, Menu, and Back buttons for a minimum of 12 seconds.

Take out the batteries once again after doing that for 12 seconds. You can now plug your Firestick back in after it has been unplugged for 60 seconds.

After you plug it back in, you must wait an additional 60 seconds. Put the batteries back in the remote after plugging the firestick back in for 60 seconds.

Let’s proceed and press the home button one more. There’s a chance it won’t function straight immediately. If the remote’s light begins to blink while you are holding down the home button, it suggests it is looking for signals.

You’ve successfully matched your firestick if the light turns blue. This step might need to be repeated several times. Move on to the following step if pairing is still not working.


The following step is to get out your smartphone and look up “FireTV” on the Google Play store. The Amazon FireTV app appears. Open that app after installing it on your phone. For this step to be successful, make sure your phone and Firestick are both connected to a wi-fi network.

You can choose Firestick in the app. Choose it. You may use your phone as a remote control by doing this. Go to settings on your phone, then home. Go to Bluetooth devices and controller in the settings menu.

Amazon Fire TV remotes are the next target. You must select “add new remote” to proceed. You can possibly speed up your pairing procedure by pressing and holding the home button for ten seconds at a time. And you see that yellow light blinking.

I hope it will enable you to change to the blue light. This action will undoubtedly be beneficial.
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How can your Firestick remote be reset? Three, one, two, and it’s finished. What? I’m referring to the procedures for resetting your Firestick remote. You may reset the remote by simply following these three easy steps.

Switch on your Fire Stick and TV. Press and hold the Back and Right directional buttons for at least 10-15 seconds. From the pop-up message, select Reset. Wait a few minutes for the processing to be finished. And it’s finished! I hope the methods I just gave you helped you solve the Firestick Remote Not Working problem. Before using any other procedures, you should at least try these ones two or three times.

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