Iran Is Receiving Dozens of Smuggled Starlink Dishes

In an effort to aid Iranian citizens in evading the nation’s growing internet ban, Starlink equipment is being successfully smuggled into the country.
Social media has been flooded with images and videos of the Starlink technology in Iran, which is capable of receiving unrestricted broadband from circling satellites.

One such video was released by Karim Sadjadpour, an Iranian expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and it depicts an unnamed activist group getting ready to smuggle multiple Starlink dishes into the nation. He claims the unidentified activist group has “already shipped hundreds” of dishes to Iran and intends to increase that number.

He continued, “These initiatives are still in their very early stages, but they have proof the terminals are functioning and claim they’re taking further care to lower the hazards to users. Additionally, a few videos have started to emerge from Starlink terminals being utilized domestically.

Iranian-American AA2 Former Jet Propulsion Lab director Firouz Naderi has also been tweeting about unidentified groups delivering Starlink dishes to the nation. He told According (Opens in a new window) that last week, roughly 30 dishes entered the nation. All of them were purchased using the Starlink RV tier, which can be ordered immediately and used in a variety of locations.

The Starlink hardware must be smuggled into the country because the Iranian government will almost probably seize any devices it can. By receiving unfiltered high-speed broadband over SpaceX’s own satellite network, the same Starlink gear can get around the nation’s rigorous online restrictions.

Tweet (Opens in a new window) Through its Wi-Fi router, each Starlink dish can only offer a group of nearby users unrestricted internet access. Therefore, a vast array of dishes will be required to feed the Iranian population as a whole.


Many people have been involved in this topic, including well-known Iranian-American tech entrepreneurs, according to Sadjadpour added (Opens in a new window) . In the coming six months, one told me they plan to scale to several thousand terminals.

A month after the corporation began offering the satellite internet service in the Middle Eastern nation, CNN also reported that the White House and SpaceX are in discussions about introducing Starlink to Iran. One senior administration official told CNN, “We are interested in finding ways to ensure that the Iranian people may have access to the internet on their phones and everywhere else. Therefore, while Starlink is a choice, it is not the only one.

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