iOS’s top MOBA games

Mobile gaming has replaced PC gaming in the last ten years. Therefore, the publishers are now concentrating on creating games for Android and iPhone. Similar circumstances apply to MOBAs; there are numerous MOBAs accessible on the Apple App Store, but are they all worthwhile to play? NO!! Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top MOBA games for iOS that you really must play in 2021.

An increasingly popular subgenre of strategy games is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Every other e-sports competitor earns money by competing in MOBA competitions throughout the world or by streaming games on YouTube Gaming channels. When it comes to playing MOBA games on an iPhone, here is where gamers always start.

The top MOBA games on iOS include the following.

Arena Of Valor in Vainglory Heroes Evolved Legend of Ace: Heroes of Order and Chaos These numerous MOBAs on the iPhone have all undergone testing by us, and we have determined that these are the best MOBA games for iOS. In the article below, we’ve provided a thorough description of the gameplay and the rationale behind our listing of them.

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BEST MOBA GAMES FOR APPLE APPLE IPHONE AND IPAD You’ll read the list of the best MOBA games for iOS in more depth after that. Along with a clear explanation of the gameplay, we have attempted to include the features of each game.


Best MOBA Games For iOS - Vainglory
Source: XDA Developers

One of the first and most popular MOBAs on mobile devices is Vainglory. In every country, Vainglory was made available on the iOS platform in September 2014. Vainglory was used by Apple to show off the iPhone 6 Metal graphics API. Additionally, you can get a sense of the game’s popularity from the ratings on the Apple App Store.

Speaking of gameplay, the game offers 48 characters from which to choose, and you can engage in combat in any of the brawl, casual, or ranking modes. You can jump right into the short matches, which last seven minutes, and the long matches, which last up to 25 minutes.

Why is Vainglory the best MOBA game available for the iPhone?

Gamers prefer it because of the frame rate of 120 fps and the control reaction time of 30 ms, which makes it simpler for them to select options on the screen.


genuine line of sight support at 120 frames per second last being hit Teleports for a free camera Pick one of 48 heroes, each with a unique playing style. Click Here To Download Vainglory

Ratings: 4.7 in the Apple App Store
Cost: Free

Best MOBA Games For iOS - Heroes Evolved
Source: OnRPG


Play Heroes Evolved if you’ve never played a MOBA before. This is due to the game’s lower level of rivalry compared to others like DOTA and League of Legends. However, this does not imply that the game is in any way bad.

Although the game is distinct from the others on the list, the gameplay is the same. Let me explain. The game has added a brand-new feature called Clans. Online, you can establish your own group of people who will all fight together. Very Interesting! It is, indeed.

Why is Heroes Evolved among the best MOBA games available on iOS?

The availability of multiple languages is the primary factor in Heroes Evolved’s popularity. Moving on to the gameplay, there are 100 different characters to pick from, each with their own set of abilities. The game has three different game modes: 1v/s1, 3v/s3, and 5v/s5.

proper game play Having conversations with other players offered different game modes Click Here To Download Heroes Evolved
Ratings: 3.7 in the Apple App Store
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Best MOBA Games For iOS - Arena Of Valor
Source: The Esports Observer

The Tencent Games recently released Arena Of Valor in the Americas and Europe. But since 2015, Chinese players have been having fun with the game. Players who have played DOTA and League of Legends will recognize the game’s traditional elements.

Moving on to the Arena of Valor gameplay, the user can select one of 40 heroes, each of whom has a special skill. The game has three game modes: 1v/s1, 3v/s3, and 5v/s5.

What distinguishes Arena of Valor as one of the top MOBA games on iOS?
Arena of Valor is the MOBA for iPhone thanks to its 10-minute gameplay sessions and lightning-fast matching.

There are more heroes now. Improved MOBA mobile experience Faster matchmaking Voice chat available Click Here To Download Arena Of Valor


Best MOBA Games For iOS - Heroes Of Order And Chaos
Source: Gameloft


You can expect Heroes of Order and Chaos, a game created by Gameloft, to be a masterpiece, and it is. Heroes of Order and Chaos is one of the top iPhone games thanks to its more than 2.5K positive user reviews.

Speaking of the gameplay, it gives the player a choice between three different maps, each of which contains at least two lanes and a plethora of monsters in the streets. Any of the additional 1v/s1, 3v/s3, and 5v/s5 options are available.

What Characterizes Heroes Of Order And Chaos As One Of The Best MOBA Games For iOS?

You can pick from 57 different heroes in the game that can withstand a great deal of harm from the foe. The game is original and fascinating because of the spectator feature, which lets you watch your friend play.

Real-time action, free to play, spectator mode Click Here To Download Heroes Of Order andamp; Chaos
Ratings: 4.4 in the Apple App Store
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Best MOBA Games For iOS - Legend Of Ace

Another MOBA game that is regarded as one of the finest MOBA games for iOS is Legend of Ace. Regarding the game’s visual appeal, the graphics are lively and lend the experience a classic fantasy feel.

What distinguishes Legend Of Ace as one of the Top MOBA Apps For iOS?

In terms of gameplay, you can engage in 5v5 combat in which each player can choose from the healer, shooter, tank, mage, or ganker roles. It is a team game, and the fast bouts, which last only 10 minutes, can last up to 30 minutes.

improved game play winning team spirit A genuine talent display Click Here To Download Legend Of Ace
Ratings: 4.5 in the Apple App Store

So there you have it—the top MOBA games on iOS. These MOBA games are available for direct download on your iPhone from the Apple App Store. These are the MOBAs on iOS that we found to be the most engaging after playing them ourselves. If you think you have a MOBA that is superior to those listed above, please let us know in the comments area.

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